About the Founder

Hi! I’m Mikki, but you can call me Mik.

Just a few fun facts about me: Chicago born and raised, I’m a mommy to an amazing little girl, and I have a passion for helping people.

I’m what most people would call a ‘creative,’ but I feel like that title barely scratches the surface. My content creation isn’t just limited to my services. Every day, I strive to make this world a little better than the last. Community service or even just the occasional compliment to a stranger are just a few of the many ways I enjoy bringing more love and light to the world.

I’m not just a content creator, I curate human experiences.

I created the umbrella OkSoBoom as a way to show the world that there is so much more to me, to black women, to queer black women, to black female creatives, to black (single) mothers, to all the identities I’ve lived and known in my thirty plus years. This is for those who identify under those titles and for those who are still looking for a place to belong. We are much more than what meets the eye. You do not have to subscribe to one way of BEING. My hope is that OkSoBoom becomes something greater than myself, a celebration of black women at our highest selves. Please join me in helping to create a better human experience for us, by us.

We have a lot of work to do, so let’s get started.




My services comprise social media management, brand consulting, graphic design, event hosting, and copywriting. Below are examples of my specialty work in logos, but I am also able to provide press kits, presentation decks, flyers, and more. If you would like to learn more about my services or have any other inquiries, please feel free to fill out my contact form below. I will be sure to reply to your inquiry as soon as possible!

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